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Organic Celtic Mint Tea {herbal}

  • Crisp, clean, and sweet.


    The refreshing and healing properties of peppermint and spearmint combine with Irish heather & honeysuckle flowers.

    Both heather and honeysuckle have been cherished for centuries in Celtic culture as symbols of purity, luck, and love. Heather flowers are so cherished, in fact, Celtic myth claims they only grow on the burial ground of fairy folk.


    A simple blend, all ingredients have been widely used as herbal medicine for cleansing, consuming and digesting. High in antioxidants and excellent for soothing the cold & flu or an upset stomach, & cleansing the body of toxins.


    {organic spearmint + organic peppermint + organic heather flowers + organic honeysuckle flowers}


    ~caffeine free~


    1 oz. packet


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