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Indulge in the sweet and aromatic flavors of our Lavender Blueberry Jam, hand-picked and hand-made from the sweetest and lushest Michigan blueberries. Each jar is crafted using heirloom recipes that have been passed down for generations and perfected over the years, ensuring a truly exceptional and authentic taste experience. Our Lavender Blueberry Jam is a perfect addition to your morning toast, as a topping for scones and muffins, or as a delightful complement to your cheese and charcuterie board. Whether you're a fan of traditional jams or looking to add a unique twist to your pantry, this Lavender Blueberry Jam is a must-have for any gourmet food enthusiast. Treat yourself or share the love with friends and family by gifting this exquisite and flavorful jam from our retail boutique.

Lavender Blueberry Jam

  • Wild Blueberries, Cane Sugar, Organic Lavender, Lemon Juice,  Fruit Pectin.

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