Based on our hike through Northern California's redwood forests, Coastal Rain captures the essence of the rainy, mossy, green forest air we experienced while vacationing in the pacific northwest.  Coastal Rain features a combination of bergamot, cantelope, red apple, geranium, rain, dewy rose, woods, forest and musk!  A truly green spa scent.

Coastal Rain Reed Diffuser

Reed Color
  • Our hand poured reed diffusers are made with the same blends of fragrance oils as our soy candles. Each reed diffuser comes with a 4 oz. glass bottle of fragrance oil & seven reeds. Our scents permeate the air filling your home with a continuous subtle fragrance.

    PLEASE NOTE: We recommend flipping the sticks over once a week. Do not allow fragrance oil to spill on finished furniture as it will damage the surface.  Reeds should be replaced after 3 months.