A blend featuring a complex story of warm and sensual amber, woodsy cedarwood, cardamom, rich aged leather, and a hint of musk and upper floral tones. Reminiscent of an inviting cabin set on a crisp himalayan mountaintop, this scent is warm and spicy yet airy and fresh. A truly unique unisex blend that’s perfect for any living area.

Baltic Amber Reed Diffuser

  • Our hand poured reed diffusers are made with the same blends of fragrance oils as our soy candles. Each reed diffuser comes with a 4oz glass bottle of fragrance oil & seven reeds. Our scents permeate the air filling your home with a continuous subtle fragrance.


    PLEASE NOTE: We recommend flipping the sticks over once a week. Do not allow fragrance oil to spill on finished furniture as it will damage the surface.