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Introducing our delicious Wild Blueberry Jam, hand-picked and hand-made from the sweetest and lushest Michigan blueberries. The upper peninsula of Michigan is considered the state's blueberry capital, and we are proud to bring this regional favorite to your table. Our Wild Blueberry Jam is crafted using heirloom recipes that have been passed down for generations and perfected over the years, ensuring a taste that's bursting with natural sweetness and flavor. Whether spread on toast, layered between cake, or simply enjoyed by the spoonful, our Wild Blueberry Jam is sure to become a staple in your pantry. Experience a taste of Michigan's blueberry heritage with every jar of our exquisite Wild Blueberry Jam.

Wild Blueberry Jam

  • Wild Blueberries, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice,  Fruit Pectin.

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