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Organic Pure Matcha Tea {green}

  • Stoneground from the bright, young, emerald leaves of shade grown tea plants. Matcha is rich not only in its bold color & fresh, grassy, sweet flavor - but also in its historic roots as the tea exclusively used in the ancient art of japanese tea ceremonies.


    Not to mention it's health benefits!...137 x more antioxidant value than regularly brewed green tea, it also is known to enhance mood & concentration, rich in chlorophyll, fiber, & essential vitamins.


    Matcha has become widely known for it's incredible, healthfilled properties & can be applied in many culinary applications beyond the teacup - from ice cream, to pancakes, tabbouleh recipes, atop yogurt, blended into smoothies & cocktails...the world of matcha is endless!


    {organic matcha tea}


    ~contains caffeine~


    1 oz. packet


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