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Organic Honey Lavender Tea {Herbal}

  • Honeyed notes with a beautiful bouquet of berries and roses - this South African honeybush tea combines with dutch lavender, fennel, and creamy, fair trade Indian vanilla bean.


    Honeybush is a close relative to red rooibos, though sweeter and with a slightly fuller body. Its honey scented flowers impart it's sweet flavor and earn this plant's nectarous name. Naturally caffeine free, with high levels of minerals and vitamin C.


    It's smooth, sweet flavor along with the calming, perfumed notes of lavender - a scent that English folklore tells will attract sprites, fairies, and elves - makes this tea a prized treasure for adults and children alike!


    {organic honeybush + organic fennel + organic dutch lavender + organic vanilla bean}


    ~caffeine free~


    1 oz. packet


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